Better than Blue Chips

Let me introduce myself: My name's John Schwinghamer and I'm going to help you invest in quality, low-risk stocks using my Purple Chips method. I began my career in the early 1980's as a floor trader and today I'm a portfolio manager. In my quest to become a better money manager, I found there was no simple way to identify great investments, which led me to make Purple Chips. Purple Chips is a unique and innovative way of recognizing the visual hallmarks of great companies that make them the very best opportunities for investors. It applies three simple criteria to distinguish Purple Chip stocks from ones that are merely blue chips.

Membership Benefits

By subscribing to Purple Chips, you will be given a visual approach to illustrate clearly where investment opportunities exist. You will learn to identify exceptional companies with a quick visual inspection of certain factors in their earnings history. All this is made easy by having access to the following member-exclusive features:

Investment Alerts

You'll receive an alert via email and Twitter when Purple Chip stocks are at high and low valuations and when a company becomes or is no longer a Purple Chip.

Top 20 Stocks

Extracted from over three hundred (300) companies that meet Purple Chip criteria, your membership provides you access to an updated list of the top 20 Purple Chip companies.


You’ll gain full access to the Purple Chips Member Dashboard providing the tools you need to track your Purple Chip stock picks and manage your portfolio.


You’ll have access to my videos that review the principles and methods essentials regarding Purple Chips as well as exclusive, up-to-date research of U.S. and Canadian stocks.

Video Newsletter

Every week I'll be sending you a short and sweet video newsletter, recapping the past five days of market activity along with insight related to top Purple Chip stocks.

Live Webinars

Periodically, you’ll be notified when I'm hosting a live webinar which will cover specific topics related to implementation and practice of the Purple Chips method.

Purple Chips in the Press

Not only did I write a book about Purple Chips that was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2012, which you can find here, but Purple Chips has also been featured in many publications such as: