In his book Purple Chips, John Schwinghamer makes a compelling case for the use of a disciplined, non-emotional approach to buying the best blue-chip stocks. Investors of all stripes can benefit from a clear understanding of Schwinghamer’s rule-based approach to investing.
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James P. O’ShaughnessyAuthor of What Works on Wall Street

John Schwinghamer’s highly readable book, Purple Chips, is a must for investors who want to improve their odds of investment success without wasting an inordinate amount of time trying to decipher the volume of investment ‘noise.
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J. Anthony BoeckhFounder of the Bank Credit Analyst and Author of The Great Reflation

The answers are often right in front of our face, but we like to complicate things. This book offers an enlightened take on simple principles towards very positive outcomes that are very refreshing in these times of uncertain economic growth and even more uncertain markets.
Good returns with low risk; (more…)
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