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Purple Chips is a smart and disciplined method of investing in the best high-quality stocks that money can buy.

Since 2012, here is the Purple Chips track record:

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Follow 300+ Top Stocks

The list of Purple Chip stocks is constantly updated based upon strict qualifiers. Each Purple Chip company must demonstrate stable and predictable earnings, seven (7) years or more of rising profitability, and market capitalization of at least one billion dollars ($1B).


Trade With Confidence

Emotions are the bane of successful investors. The Purple Chips method teaches you over time, how to invest with your emotions in check, staying calm, careful, and consistent in your decision process.  You always remain in total control of your own stock portfolio.


Identify Great Companies

You will notice as you buy and sell Purple Chip stocks, that great companies share a great earnings history.  Amazingly, only four percent (4%) of listed companies qualify as Purple Chips.  The EPS line and other key factors will teach you how to identify the very best.


Learn From The Pros

The author of “Purple Chips,” is an investment guru. Yes, he’s Canadian.  Maybe the harsh winters helped carve his ice-cold investment discipline. As a Purple Chips member, you become a virtual apprentice to the master portfolio manager behind the Purple Chips method.

Purple Chips Membership Benefits

Video Newsletter

Every week you will receive a brief video update by Purple Chips author and portfolio manager, John Schwinghamer.  These weekly updates are short and sweet, and provide a recap of market activity during the past five days, along with commentary related to top Purple Chip stocks.

Purple Chip Alerts

You’ll be alerted via member-only emails and Tweets of high & low valuations of Purple Chip stocks. You’ll be notified when a Purple Chip company is added or deleted from the list.  Alerts are key to learning, understanding and benefiting from the Purple Chips method.

Live Webinars

Periodically, you’ll be notified of live webinars hosted by John Schwinghamer, author of Purple Chips.  The webinars are designed to boost investor knowledge and cover specific topics related to implementation and practice of the Purple Chips method.

Member Dashboard

You’ll gain full access to the Purple Chips Member Dashboard providing the tools you need to track your Purple Chip stock picks and manage your portfolio.  The Dashboard is key to tracking the performance of your portfolio and planning for future actions as you implement the Purple Chips method of investment.

Education & Research

You’ll explore the Purple Chips video library hosted by John Schwinghamer, where you can review principles and methods discussed by the author of Purple Chips.  You’ll also benefit from exclusive, up-to-date research of U.S. and Canadian stocks provided as a valuable resource by the experienced Purple Chips team.


20 Top Purple Chip Stocks

Your membership provides you access to an updated list of the top twenty (20) Purple Chip companies, extracted from over three hundred (300) companies that meet Purple Chip criteria.  As opportunities are identified with the Purple Chips method, you’ll be the first to know.

Winning in the Stock Market with the Very Best of the Blue Chip Stocks

51T3FFtNqiLPublished by Wiley & Sons, April 2012 ISBN: 978-1-1182-9449-9 Hardcover, 192 pages

How to make money investing in high-quality, low-risk stocks

Purple Chips presents a unique stock-picking method based on identifying great companies based on simple visual examinations of financial health, applying three basic criteria to distinguish high-performing purple chip stocks from mere blue chip investments. The book also delves into the psychology of investing, arguing that most investors are better suited to winning small gains often and losing occasionally, rather than taking small losses often and winning big from time to time.

In seven succinct chapters that feature plenty of helpful examples, graphs, and charts, author John Schwinghamer presents a simple and effective way to win with stocks.

Available at amazon and other retailers.

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